Saturday, 3 January 2009

D4D: Done. Almost.

It's been a grand yearlong experiment, and now it's time to sit down, put Our feet up, turn the telly on, and have a cuppa.

Although We won't exactly be hanging up Our pinny (We gotta eat, after all) We won't be documenting every meal, every night any longer – only the new or particularly innaresting ones, and then only in brief.

But first! The stats.

This week we'll be examining 365 D4D reviews to determine the winners in such categories as:

  • Dinner o' the Year
  • Dinner Made Most Often
  • Best Dinner Out
  • Best Salad
  • Restaurant Visited Most Often
  • Best Dinner Made for Guests
  • Best Dinner Abroad
  • Cookbook Used Most
  • Cookbook o' the Year
  • Best Link
And of course We'll tot up the numbers for how often We made Our most popular dinners, including:
  • Lemon chicken
  • Black bnz
  • Chickpeas with cumin and sherry
  • Pea and mushroom risotto
  • Red prawn and mango curry
We'll post the 2008 stats as soon as We can, hopefully by next weekend. Might post a pic or two in between, so do check in.

And to all two of our regular readers: ta everso!


Anna said...

Hi N&D,

I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your journey this year. Your blog has been a great inspiration to me, always a different idea for my dinner. Perhaps one day I will commit to a year-long food diary, I appreciate all the effort that went into your work here and I enjoyed your lovely banter too.
cheers, Anna

Noël said...

Thanks v much! We've been slow to tabulate the year's results, but eventually we'll get there!

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