Thursday, 1 January 2009

31.12.08: Out to New Year's Dinner Party

We really are indebted to Jon & Judy for some excellent party food this year. In fact, they had Us over last New Year's as well, just before We started the blog. Above, Judy prepared 10 (10!) portions of Jamie's Fifteen Christmas Salad [video!], some sans prosciutto for the veggies in our midst.

Jon rolled up sleeves to make Ramsay's Cider and Honey Roast Leg of Lamb – oh my. Also plated but not pictured: roast potatoes and steamed broccoli.

And then: two desserts! Judy whipped up a banoffee pie topped with Flake, and the very nice French au pair turned out a swell sugar-dusted gateau. Were We spoiled or what? And you don't even get to see the postprandial dance-a-thon (sorry, that's classified).

HE SAYS: The two J's again outdid themselves on the festive food front. The salad was class with every taste sensation fully taken care of and the roast was fantastically seasoned with tart and sweet apple tanginess. I have to vote for the banoffee pie as the highlight, though, a perfect combination of velvety cream, banana and chocolatey goodness. We went on to drink too much and I even had a jig with the missus in their makeshift disco/living room, good times.

SHE SAYS: I love me that salad: a taste treat of sweet, salty, creamy and a touch of grassiness from the olive oil. Mmmm. The lamb was applesweet and the potatoes had an almost grainy crunch to them that led the blissful way to floury indulgence within. Do I really need to tell you the desserts were divine? The gateau was deeply chocolatey and had that just-right cakiness, while the banoffee pie was like a sweet and sticky tastebud bubblebath.


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