Sunday, 8 June 2008

07.06.08: Out to a par-tay with the curr-ay

For a friend's 40th birthday surprise party, we all commenced feasting on Indian-themed delicacies. The image above is a good mix of the mains on offer: a mild, creamy coriander chicken; a spicy veggie curry with potato and aubergine; fragrant pilau rice; pungent pickle; sweet chutney; and cool raita, garnished with curry leaves, naan, and mini poppadoms (not pictured, but eaten by the handful, We can assure you).

Btw, She was delighted by the fun-size bowls - shrewd hostess, our Judy, to make the chow-down so manageable and queueing up for seconds so acceptable.

But before there was dinner, there were party snacks: spicy veggie samosas, crab and fish patties, and crispy lamb rolls.

Bring on the curry!

Let's not forget the accompaniments...

There were pistachio and almond mini ice cream cones as well, but these disappeared before She could snap a pic. Fruit kebabs and a marzipan covered b-day cake rounded it all off nicely.

SHE SAYS: Well-stuffed and happy. The samosas were the stars, methinks, popping with spice and a judicious amount of peas, carrots and potatoes. The curries were a little mild, but nicely done, and the rice was fab - so full of cardamom I could have happily stood by the tray subtly sniffing for a good while. Those mini poppadoms were so crispety-crunchy with a slightly bitter lentil taste - very moreish, and therefore dangerous. The libations flowed freely (including a nice blackcurrant concotion called Kir), and the weather made it all too-too: soft breezes and long-lasting light. Many thanks to Jon and Judy (esp. Ms Jude!) for the fantastic spread and company.

HE SAYS: For party food this was fantastic, for Indian food is was just okay. The samosas were crispy and spicy enough for me to reach for a beer, and the choice of curries filled me to the brim. The weather held up and made for a wonderful summer outdoor party.

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