Tuesday, 24 June 2008

23.06.08: Smoked salmon fillet, potatoes with panch phora, and grnz

She's slightly adventurous for a Monday: broiled smoked salmon fillet and boiled-senseless grnz with a touch of liquid smoke played supporting roles to Ramsay's panfried potatoes with panch phora. A salad of young mustard leaves, Apetina, and peach slices nudged in on the side.

SHE SAYS: I've been wanting to try the potato recipe for some time, esp since I was conned into buying a container of oh-so-special nigella seeds at a market for the required spice mix, only to find out they're black onion seeds. Hmph. The flavour was very good, and I'd def. use it again: cumin-y yet sweet, esp with the fennel and nigella. That said, the Maris Bard potatoes, sampled when simply boiled, were way delicious on their own, with no frills. Grnz did their virtuous-veg job well, and the salmon was filling, firm and didn't cross the smoky line. Salad was salty-sweet and almost too much!

HE SAYS: The lightly smoked salmon is becoming my preferred choice for the Monday fish dish these days. This batch was cooked to perfection: crunchy top and moist centre. The potatoes added a twist to proceedings and added a little spice to my life. Apetina was back in full effect in the salad, oh, I luv those little cubes of goodness.

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