Monday, 16 June 2008

16.06.08: Smoky salmon, nutmeg mash, and snap peas

Easy does it: She pounded the potatoes according to a nutmeg and cream preparation for the hallowed Medina Kitchen, steamed up some snap peas, and grilled a few smoked salmon fillets. A salad pepped up with true-ripe cherry tomatoes and an Apetina Snack pack vied for centre stage.

HE SAYS: Mmm, mmm good. The smoked salmon came up trumps and seemed to not stink-up the kitchen too much like previous goes. It's mild smoky-ness still left a little room for the taste of the salmon to shine through. The snap peas were al denté and fresh tasting, the mash was also tasty although I may have preferred a touch more nutmeg in the mix; still creamy and delish. The salad was improved upon by the added bonus of the Apetina Snack mix; their motto should be "Itsa better then feta!" (Maybe not.)

SHE SAYS: The salmon had good smoky flavour and griled up tender inside, slightly crunchy outside. I thought perhaps I'd overdone the snap peas - they were a little grey rather than the bright green I was going for - but looks aren't everything, as these were perfectly crisp. I don't know what Apetina even is, exactly - it's not goat cheese, though they cube and salt it to be like feta - but hey, it's delishy and Snack comes with marinated garlic, some olives and herbs in safflower oil. The combo made the salad leaves a little soggy, but it was all still quite tasty.

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