Tuesday, 24 June 2008

24.06.08: Green risotto with broiled portobello mushrooms

She pulled out the stops on a Tuesday nite and tried the really green risotto in the latest Waitrose free mag, subs-ing spelt grains for risotto rice and topping it off with grilled portobello mushrooms instead of the suggested roast chicken. He swabbed the mushies with balsamic, salt'n'pepa, and Her ho-made rose harissa (yep, new variety - comment to ask for exclusive recipe!). Noting pretty food photography in recent Observer Food mag, She left the breakfast radishes whole in the salad, which was also fortified with Sweetfire beetroot.

HE SAYS: Fantastico! this must be a strong contender for risotto of the week. This green pile of delight was minty fresh and packed with flava. The molasses-like consistency of the vegetable stock from M&S seemed to add another depth of yum while the white wine reduction only helped intensify an already tasty plate. The mushrooms were meaty, beaty, big and bouncy, okay maybe not bouncy, but intensely satisfying. After all the soft food, it was nice to put my teeth back in and crunch into my one of my fave vegetables, the humble radish. Oh, and the beetroot was ever so good, to boot.

SHE SAYS: Very fresh-tastingand more-ish, though I don't think the spelt pack's claim of 'great for risotto!' really holds true. As I suspected it might, the spelt cooked up like barley - springy, though soft, but not creamy. It did have far less intrusive flavour than barley. It didn't subtract from my great enjoyment of the risotto, though - it was like a decadent mint pesto thingy. Mushrooms added meaty texture and depth of flavour (with just a hint of rose, lots of garlic, and mischievous chili bite). Liked the whole radishes - don't know why it makes a difference, but biting off as much as you want vs daintily chewing slices is utterly satisfying.

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