Monday, 9 June 2008

08.06.08: Mum's Hungarian goulash

A taste of home for Him: His mum served up her speciality, goulash, featuring carrots and braising steak, over rice, plus a leafy salad with generous helpings of cucumber, avo and red onion, for a family Sunday nosh-up.

HE SAYS: I haven't had me mum's goulash for a while, was always a crowd pleaser, and it hit the spot again after a long absence. The beef was like buttah, so tender and moreish, and the roux was tomato-ey thick and very well spiced with authentic Hungarian paprika. I wasn't too pleased with the salad (my mum has the annoying habit of dressing it in the bowl, eradicating any control you may want over the matter). Apart from that and the white rice, it was very nish.

SHE SAYS: Very tasty and wholesome, though I don't normally eat beef - no big reason, I've just never liked it much. But the plentiful amount of beef in the sauce was kind even to my tummy, being tender and slow-cooked. The sauce had lots of good tang, and I was pleasantly full. Picked out the red onions from my salad - again, simply not to my taste - but enjoyed the leafy freshness after the hearty meal.

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