Sunday, 29 June 2008

28.06.08: Out to Angelo's

Aaahh, dining al fresco at Angelo's - nothing better after a long day at the summer sales. And if We're wrong, We don't wanna be right.

She had the Scaloppinni Meunaia, veal with a lemon-caper-white-wine sauce and veg...

...while He indulged in the Paglia and Fieno: sausage, mushrooms, peas and garlic in a tomato sauce.
We were already relaxed and happy, finishing off generous pours of the house red, when The Man himself - Angelo, of course - came out in his natty pinstriped suit and swore he could not let us leave without complimentary tiramisu...

...and law! Free espresso to boot!

HE SAYS: A very pleasent night out with the missus, all al fresco and all. My pasta was cooked just right, the sausage was herby and smoky and the tomato sauce was rich and not too sweet. Angelo's tiramisu was very creamy and melt-in-the-mouth good. The strong espresso was not too bitter and managed to keep me awake for a couple of hours past my bedtime.

SHE SAYS: I thoroughly enjoyed my down-home plate of meat and veg, mopping up the salty, creamy sauce with every forkful. The thyme-coated potatoes were especially yummy. Since I try to avoid big plates o' pasta (wheat thing), this is my fave item on the menu. Dessert and coffee were such a pleasant surprise, and though Angelo has bestowed tiramisu upon us a couple times before, it's been a while. It was deeply delish, more cream than sponge, and the espresso was the perfect dark-roasted delight in a tiny cup. The long-lasting light and cool evening breeze made this a strong contender for the year's Best Meal Out.

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