Sunday, 1 June 2008

31.05.08: Out to Brick Lane for a curry

After a very enjoyable movie date with friends at Rich Mix cinema in Shoreditch, we all schlepped over to Brick Lane, home to many a curry inna hurry. Now, just about every restaurant along the lane has a barker of sorts out front to reel the punters in; there's a lot of competition. Finding this one, above, that could immediately seat 7, we sank into our chairs in happy expectation...

...but quickly learned to expect scowls at the slightest request. Not to pre-empt Our reviews, but one of our party even found a fly in her pilau rice - and when she complained (politely) and asked for naan bread to replace it, the waiter insisted the fly must have 'come in from outside' and just then settled on her plate! Can you believe!

But we were all having such a good natter, We forgot to take a photo of the food. For the record, He and She shared chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, and chicken bhuna, and some pilau rice (very carefully). She had a mango lasssi while he shared in the table's bottle of white wine.

HE SAYS: Bog standard Indian fare, nothing to write home about, in fact nothing to write on the blog about. The company was ace and made us forget the food's shortcomings. After a trip to the loo and seeing its complete lack of cleanliness, I worried for my near-future intestinal health, but so far, so good.

SHE SAYS: Agree with him - standard o' the bog. The saag was cloying, without the richness that at least normally accompanies saag paneer that's too sweet. Decided I'd probably really like chicken bhuna in a different restaurant, as it's more of a dry bbq-type chicken that the usual tikka masala. Very, very glad I decided against anything with prawns in! Service was grumpy and defensive, and my lassi was warm. Good company overcame all, but I doubt we'll try our luck on Brick Lane again - there are just too many good Indian restaurants anywhere you turn London, no reason to seek it out specially in the East End.

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