Sunday, 29 June 2008

27.06.08: Tagine encore

Easiest end-of-week solution ever: Remove frozen lamb tagine. De-frost. Reheat. Add salad. Done!

SHE SAYS: It's only a cliché because it's true: tagine, like all slow-cooked stews and the like, gets better in when it has time to develop in the fridge (or freezer). This was meltingly yummy and complex and tasty for flick-of-the-wrist effort. I defrosted some rice from the depths as well, and it turned out to be coconut rice, but the coco-flavour wasn't strong enough to interfere, only enhance with richness. Salad did its job as virtuous palate cleanser.

HE SAYS: Enjoyed a second chance to indulge in the the tastee tagine, like she said, I think freezing it added some more depth to the flavour. Salad waz pretty good too, enough said.

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