Monday, 16 June 2008

15.06.08: In and out

A Sunday of separate ways: She indulged in the leftovers of last nite's Indian feast, while He serendipitously cadged a whole roast dinner from his mum before going to a gig!

SHE SAYS: Mmm, the saag-sorta-paneer only gets better in the fridge - the spices intensify - and I truly appreciated the no-effort preparation on a Sunday nite.

HE SAYS: I was very lucky with me timing, with no warning I turn up at my mum's and she is about to serve up a Sunday lamb roast. I couldn't say no, so I didn't, and tucked in. It was not the best-ever roast but not shabby either: the potatoes were fairly crunchy and the veggies not too nuked. The accompanying salad (not pictured) was pre-dressed (again) with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and Apetina cheese. I accidentally ate my mum's salad portion, and she didn't seem too bothered but I felt slightly guilty, she is my mum after all.

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