Monday, 9 June 2008

09.06.08: Risotto with mushrooms and peas

Play it again, ma'am: She used up the second tub of ho-made pesto from the freezer to throw together the world's easiest risotto once again, then used Her ample free time (ha!) to concoct a salad of physalis, bunched radishes, cherry toms, and young mustard leaves.

SHE SAYS: Even more flavourful than last time, though I've no idea why.
Maybe I snuck in a little more boullion. Nice balance of savouriness to bright pesto flavour, and I didn't even think about salt. Would like to take it up a level with a few porcini mushies next time. I've searched high and low for this recipe online since we found it in a free paper, but said free paper pretends that it doesn't publish recipes even though its site lists every other minute topic it covers in print. Well, folks, if you want it let us know and we'll type it on out....but you gotta ask!

HE SAYS: Wow, tonight's risotto was exceptional, better then last week's version, and that was mighty tasty too. The rice was so well-cooked - soft and a little mushy but not glue-like - and the
consistency of the whole dish was right on. I think the chicken stock and white wine fusion brought this too another level of yum. I love pesto in pasta, but mixed in with the mushrooms and wine/stock, it created a new way of appreciating its intense flavour. The salad also had a nice crunchy element, what with the radishes, and a tart element what with the physalis. We ate the whole salad bowl portion, but we have some risotto left for lunch tomorrow, by which time the taste will be outta this world.

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