Monday, 30 June 2008

30.06.08: Smoky salmon, carrot tablouleh, and grnz

The salad strikes back: after sitting on the sidelines for many a post, the salad portion of the programme takes the main plate by storm. This carrot tabouleh, made oh-so-easy with the Kitchen Tool of the Year, pepped up our standard fare of smoked salmon fillet and plain, boiled- beyond-belief grnz.

HE SAYS: I was impressed by the carrot salad, the sultanas added
a little sweetness but not too much, the pumpkin seeds helped out with salt and crunch duty, and the carrots were the star of the show - really intense fresh, carrot-y taste and bright citrus-y overtones. I managed to wolf down 2 and a half salmon fillets, seems I can't get enough of their smoke-infused goodness. And as for the salad...oh yeah, I mentioned it already, stoopid.

SHE SAYS: I was afraid the tabouleh (you know, I hate that spelling, should be an 'i' on the end!) would be too sweet, but lemon juice and ho-made harissa kept it even-steven in the flavour dept. This has got to be one of the best ways to eat carrots, esp in the summer, and the ease and fun of using the K.T.O.T.Y. ensures more such julienned delights are to come. Should have stirred some chili flakes into the grnz, never mind; and the salmon was good, but not inspiring. Might try give it a twist of sumpin' sumpin' next time.

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