Sunday, 22 June 2008

20.06.08: Out to Fat Boys

We finally made our way to Fat Boys, a cosy but nicer than usual Thai joint within fast driving distance, along with a couple of guests.

In the foreground is her 'special' dish of Tamarind Duck with generous slices of ginger and chili on shredded cabbage, while His 'chef's recommended' gae pad cha - wok-fried lamb fillet in wild ginger, green peppercorns and red curry sauce - patiently awaits knife and fork. Not pictured: brown rice and a starter of corn cake: cripsy sweetcorn fritters made special with curry paste and shredded lime leaves, plus a sweet chili dip.

HE SAYS: I thought the corn cake we ordered was the best of the bunch and the sauce was nice n' hot n' spicy. I enjoyed the gae pad cha, it was a little salty but still authentic-tasting. I didn't try any of the prawn dish our guests were having, which may or may not of been a little iffy. Overall, the entire meal was fab and reasonable; would certainly go again.

SHE SAYS: I've been mulling this place as I jog past for a little while now, and the first outing did not disappoint. Duck is always a little fatty, but my dish had good tamarind tang tempered by the nutty brown rice (so rare to find a restaurant serving the wholegrain stuff!), and the copious thinly sliced ginger elivened the sauce further. I liked His dish, too, esp for the tiny, tender, seedy whole green aubergines. But the real star was the fancy Thai hush puppies - the addition of lime leaves took deep-fried corn to a new level of sophistication and refreshment.

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