Thursday, 19 June 2008

19.06.08: Butterbnz with chorizo and watercress

She concocted butterbnz with chorizo, hot pepper, white wine, sage, dill, green onion, oregano, chix broth, and a flutter of watercress to fill in the corners on an almost-Friday nite. Salad of romaine, sweetfire beetroot, and leftover torchi chfenaria (carrot and caraway salad, when it's at home, made previously for lunch) held its own on the plate.

SHE SAYS: Divine, if I do say so myself. Perfect balance of smoky, salty, spicy and herby - we even forgot the obligatory hot sauce. Salad was very crisp and fresh with virtuous veg, but couldn't quite compete in the flavour stakes.

HE SAYS: Another really authentic comfort food beanie special, this number definitely had a lot of rich flavours and herby goodness. The fluffy butter beans made every bite a silky delight. The chirozo wasn't totally needed but it rounded out the tastes with some rich, salty, spicy goodness. I luv me some beans, yes I do.

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