Sunday, 8 June 2008

06.06.08: Omelette and stirfry

Fast food after a Friday-nite dash around the sto': spinach omelette with the remains of the vintage cheddar; a pack of precut stirfry veg padded out with oyster mushrooms and mung bean sprouts; plus a salad of mustard leaves, tomatoes, and some seriously scenty physalis.

HE SAYS: The stir fried veggies were not that inspiring and I reached for the hot sauce once or twice but they still were a nice accompaniment to the omelette, which was light, fluffy, fresh and tasty. What with the inclusion of spinach and the hint of aged cheddar (and a half a toasted bagel for good measure) I felt very satisfied and warm inside.

SHE SAYS: Spinach omelette is my favourite flash in the pan - and that pan makes such perfect omelettes: toasty on the outside, hot and melty on the inside. Makes me want to do breakfast every day for dinner. Stirfry was rather enh, the extra veg didn't add anything special - it was all a bit soggy, should have held the soy sauce and mirin. The salad had a heady aroma of physalis, which made it more than a virtuous afterthought.

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