Wednesday, 11 June 2008

11.06.08: Jerk chicken stew, take two

It's so nice, we had to have it twice: He sauced up some chicken breasts with the M&S jerk spice, baked it all with some callaloo, and spooned the silky results over a mix of basmati brown, red camargue, and wild rice. The 'Italian-style salad with herbs' plus Sweetfire beetroot nodded its approval nearby.

SHE SAYS: Tasty and simple - what's not to like? The M&S jerk paste is very mild, but nice with the generous allspice. A dabbadoo of Crystal brought out its wild side, and made for one satisfying midweek meal. That salad is so wrong, though! I'm not sure which herb it is - possibly chervil - but it is nasty and metallic! Methinks this was partly the cause of last nite's poor artichoke performance. Sweetfire beetroot did it's best to offset, but eeww.

HE SAYS: This one-pot chicken stew is easy on the tastebuds as well as the washin' up. Adding the callaloo to the mix about 20 mins before serving seems to be the best solution to avoid it drying up and soaking up too much liquid. I also added a splash of the hot sauce for good measure, mon. The salad like she said was nastee, some herb or other in the bowl tasted like fish or summat; I carefully picked out the beetroot to at least salvage what I could.

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