Tuesday, 3 June 2008

03.06.08: Black bnz and encore salad

We like black bnz and we cannot lie: She threw together the black bnz with avo and piled 'em on top of the brown-basmati-and-wild-rice mix, then set the rather well-chilled salad from last nite (with last-minute addition of sundried tomatoes) on the side for a little raw food action, you dig?

SHE SAYS: Better than the last batch - less thyme-y, and more fresh corianderish. Tasty and filling...have you ever noticed how avocado changes flavour when it's hot? When I stir it into the bnz, it loses the egg-yolky flavour and develops something else - hard to say what, I just think of it as hot avo flavour. Salad didn't suffer from its sojourn in the fridge - all was still crispy and juicy.

HE SAYS: Dug in with
abandon to the big bowl of happiness. A good batch full of the creamy, herby taste we long for. Licked the spoon good. Maybe we should make this a recurring staple? No, too good and satisfying, we don't want to spoil ourselves. Let's just save it for special occasions, huh. Oh no you didn't!

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