Sunday, 29 June 2008

29.06.08: Ready-roast chicken, spicy polenta, and snap peas

So Sunday didn't feel like Monday, He hunted and gathered the rotisserie half-chicken while She whisked up polenta with roasted corn kernels and chili flakes, then steamed some sugar snap peas. A supa-fresh salad with avo and Jersey Jewels looked on.

SHE SAYS: All good - didn't get chickened out by the well-seasoned bird; the snap peas had plenty of crunch, and the polenta was a star - roasting a couple of cobs with chili flakes and stirring in the kernels added excellent texture and perked up the flavour considerably. I am loving the Jersey toms and suspect they'll be regular guest as long as they're on the store shelves.

HE SAYS: The polenta was extra good tonite, especially enjoyed the grilled corn aspect but also the consistency was spot on, and far from the warm glue like gunk it so easily can turn into. The rotisserie chicken was the bbq variety and it didn't disappoint neither. The oriental leaf salad was still going strong from Friday and I'm still lovin' those tomatoes dearly.

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