Sunday, 8 June 2008

05.06.08: Ceasar Salad and racetrack grub

Separated for the evening, he rustled up a quick a non-traditional Caesar salad from bits and pieces picked up on the way home from Waitrose including rotisserie chicken, chunks of beetroot falafel from thier Delicatezze range, iceberg lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese and some left-over sprouts. She grazed on organic-pork-sausages-inna-bun while at the track watching her pick of the ponies fail to bring home the bacon.

SHE SAYS: My pork bun was much more tasty than it looked - unfortunately, there's no way for you to judge this since the photo I thought I took was merely a blur. (Was fumbling surreptitiously with camerphone while well-meaning work colleagues stood nearby... was trying to shoo them off to the stands where I said I'd join them...didn't want to explain odd photo-taking!) There were six small skinny sausages with twisty ends unceremoniously pushed into a rather nice flour-dusted bap. No lettuce, no tomatoes, no sauce...what do you think this is, a restaurant? But the sausages were piping hot and superbly herby, and the bap was fightin' fresh. I may have gone home empty-handed, but at least I wasn't hungry.

HE SAYS: A bit of a hodgepodge of a meal but still not bad. The new beetroot falafel was very nice but perhaps didn't add much to the mix of tastes. The sprouts were a day or two over their sell by date and were a tad musty but still edible. I have to keeping reminding myself that less is more and I should've stopped adding ingredients after the rotisserie chicken, which was great and only 40p (since I bought the last two pieces right before Waitrose closed). That's what I call a deal!


Francine said...

Glad you found my funny little bap post :) This blog is great -- the food you're making looks delicious!

N+D said...

Ta everso, and please pull up a chair anytime.