Tuesday, 10 June 2008

10.06.08: Black bnz and Jiffy muffins

In true Southern style, She rustled up some sweet cornbread right out of the box to complement the newfangled black bnz with avo, plus a salad with His favourite raw veg and some artichoke hearts. Getting all fancy, now, she added a small can of Niblets and some (gasp) fresh chilies to the cornbread batter. Finding the cupboard bare of chipotle paste, She sprinkled in a tsp of some kind of smoky mystery powder long ago decanted into a nice jar (possibly adobo powder, but too red) instead. Result!

HE SAYS: The black beans were delish, flavoursome and extremely satisfying. I'm so glad we had our friends bring back some Jiffy cornbread mix from the free world. It was spesh-el, with the chillies and corn givin' some power in the taste department, I was in 'eaven (again). Too bad the artichokes tasted like crap and had a metallic, artificial sweetener aftertaste as the salad had a lot of potential with the inclusion of the radishes.

SHE SAYS: This batch of black bnz was the best since the original recipe revamp: deeply savoury, not too heat-hot, and just enough smokiness. I also reduced the thyme and oregano to 1/2 tsp and added a bit more sage. Loving on the Jiffy muffins, bad for us tho' they may be: the diced chilies and corn kernels added welcome texture to the sweet fluff. Salad was unremarkable except for an odd lack of taste to the artichokes.

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