Thursday, 12 June 2008

12.06.08: Quorn and fresh veggie sauce

The great tomato experiment of '08 continues: She got the pan sizzle-hot, threw in the onion, tomatoes, pregrilled aubergine, freshly grilled peppers, and basil, then shook it up til saucy. A quick flip of the lemon-pepper quorn patties and the plate was done. Salad with physalis and an olive-feta mix edged into the frame, too.

HE SAYS: The quorn reminds me of a giant veggie-friendly Chicken McNugget; crunchy, crispy and tasty too. I once got paid in Chicken McNuggets but that's another story for another blog.
No store-bought sauce for us (at least not tonite), we went old school and it waz first class with rich flavours from the roasted veg and cooked-'em-to-death tomatoes. The salad was a marked improvement on recent attempts, with olives and feta competing for my luv and affection. Luckily I luv 'em both equally, aahh bless.

SHE SAYS: The tomatoes took ever so long to cook down this time - overcrowded the pan a bit - but when they did they were sweeeeet. The bottled grilled peppers were only so-so, I bought them b/c no fresh ones were to be found. I don't know how much more I can heart lemon-pepper quorn. And any salad with that tart, juicy yet somehow grainy je-ne-sais-quois de physalis is a success.

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