Sunday, 15 June 2008

13.06.08: Out to Belgo

Lining the stomach at Belgo's before a friend's Friday nite gig, with special dining guest Joe: He and She had mussels classique with celery, onion and a dash of cream, while Joe plumped for the tomato-based Provencal half-kilo. All of us made sure to order our own bowl of frites, each with its paper cup of thick mayo for dipping - not something you want to have to share.

And we were so hungry we forgot to take the photo til the damage was done! Mmm, look at the remains of that strawberry beer, top-left, too...

SHE SAYS: I do love the strawberry beer on tap - so intensely, almost sourly, fruity and refreshing - but I think Belgo's food is slacking on quality these day even as its prices have risen. The frites were tasty but not as crisp and hot as they should have been; I suspect they soaked up some rays from heat lamps. Mussels, too, were okay, but not as plump and plentiful as they have been in the past.

HE SAYS: The mussels were pretty good, but not as good as these; the chips were a notch above, say, these, but not as good as these. The beer waz fruity and so was the waiter. Overall a not bad outing made better by the company and plentiful beverages.

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