Saturday, 5 April 2008

04.04.08: Out to GBK

A Friday night jaunt to our local burger joint rewarded us with a regular classic sans cheese for him, a Greek lamb one for her, and fries and simple house salad to share.

HE SAYS: A very busy, packed restaurant with a long wait for our food, and my continuously growling tummy didn't bode well for a pleasant eating experience. But apart from my burger being a little too well done, the food hit the spot: burger not too dry or bready and the fries were hot, crispy and fluffy in the centre. The "Gourmet" in their name may be a slight exaggeration;
perhaps a more accurate label would be "cheapish, fresh and not too greasy"? I think our last visit was a little more satisfing (plus then we had the free wine coupons, who doesn't like a coupon, eh?).

SHE SAYS: Think I enjoyed the GB outing more then Him. My Greek lamb burger once again proved satisfying and delish, although there was a bit too much hummus and I had to eat the ensemble with knife and fork. Salad was extremely fresh as before with only the necessary amount of creamy-lemony dressing, which restraint I greatly appreciate. Agree with Him that the service was ridiculously slow, as the house was bzzy but not overflowing. All in all, a relaxing evening to offset another stressful work week.

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