Tuesday, 22 April 2008

22.04.08: Chicken tikka with spiced rice

Pretty healthy and filling: chicken breast pieces baked in a readymade tikka masala sauce combined with the infamous spiced rice from the pork vindaloo recipe share the plate with a salad of avo, crispy leaves, cucumber and physalis (which, interestingly, is a close cousin of the tomatillo - who knew?).

HE SAYS: I think I enjoyed this one more then She did, but I was also not too impressed by the sauce. Having baked in the oven smothering the chicken, it evaporated a little too much (will have to remember to save some next time to add after cooking) making the chicken a little drier then expected. The rice section was nice with some added coconut flakes in it to make it that bit more special. I thought the physalis were yum, nice and juicy and sweet, a nice addition to our ever-growing salad fixings repertoire.

SHE SAYS: Underwhelming, and I thought the chicken was a little whiffy again, but it seems it was ok. The tikka sauce was quite disappointing - it had a sharp raw-onion flavour. So far the vindaloo is the only good version in the 'Bombay Authentics' range of sauces. The onion and green pepper He rustled up in the grill pan had a nice, mildly charred taste, though, and the rice pulled the flavour level up to good, though it couldn't make it great. Fortunately, the tart physalis in the salad did much to lift my spirits, esp when combined with the swanky new olive oil (sale item!).

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