Thursday, 10 April 2008

10.04.08: Nigella's chickpeas with extras

It's the nite of the Nigels: Nigella's reliable chickpeas with sherry and rocket (pepped up with ho-made harissa, some avo and the remainder of that Apetina cheese) squared off with Nigel Slater's pear, fennel and watercress salad.

HE SAYS: The chickpeas had a nice nutty flavour to them - maybe it's because they were organic this time. Enjoyed the avo and chees topping, but agree with Her that boiled egg is better. A simple and tasty favourite that fills you up without the bloat. The salad was a great pairing, the lime juice did its job of teasing the tastebuds at the finish line.

SHE SAYS: A far more pleasant experience than last nite, fo' sho'. I tried out some new cream sherry, which is what Nigella calls for - we'd been using a dry one since it's what we had - and it came out exactly the same. Avo and cheese added creamy saltiness to the cuminy globes, but as toppings go it doesn't quite compete with pomegranate or a nice soft-boiled egg. Welcomed back Nigel's best salad with all its tarty, lime-infused crunch.

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