Friday, 18 April 2008

18.04.08: Chicken soup

When you're feeling poorly, nothing else will do: She dug out the ol' chicken soup recipe and plopped a chicken in the pot. Brown basmati and wild rice lined the soup bowl while a kitchen-sink salad of spinach, rocket, radishes, tomatoes, cucumber, grapes and pear edged into the frame.

HE SAYS: Chicken soup for the cold. Even though I am not down with the lurgy I was able to appreciate the succulent chicken and umami qualities of this fragrant dish. My salad tried it's best to compete by over compensating in the taste dept. but I feel perhaps lost out to the no thrills, winter warmer.

SHE SAYS: Aahhh...just what I wanted. Always the best way to make the most of a chicken - nothing goes to waste. This soup is light and moreish, the chicken tender and flavourful but not at all complex. The rice mix added just enough character to make it more than a sickie picker-upper, and the salad made a fresh, cleansing change o' pace, though I'm not sure about mixing tomatoes with fruit...made the toms taste a little metallic.

PS: If you visit the recipe and like it, don't forget to click the little fork right below here, in the tags!

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Miss Information said...

ah, I hope you feel better soon! Springtime is not a time to be having bugs! I am sure with this soup you are well on your way. And interesting about unami...this explains why vegetarians still want some meat substitutes. Like mushrooms are unami...and boca burger!