Monday, 7 April 2008

07.04.08: Caribbean jerk-style chicken stew

He threw together this hot little number while She was out: sauteed onion, callaloo, chicken, and the new M&S jerk spice, baked with chicken stock and coconut milk, and served over brown rice.

SHE SAYS: So glad I got home in time for a hot plate of this spicy stew. The strong allspice and black pepper flavours were mellowed just enough by the spinachy callaloo and coconut milk to make me go mmmmm. The heat lingered pleasantly, never too intense. I liked this type of jerk seasoning better than the sweet Reggae Reggae sauce we normally pour over for baked chicken, and this entire combination is something I could quite happily put away a few more times before stew season ends.

HE SAYS: Was in the mood for some stew - was tempted by some other, Indian sauces, but realised we're having Indian nite rather soon (stay tuned). Was an easy recipe to put together; the callaloo was a new and tasty discovery, and the sauce, when blended with the onions, was very moreish. A surprising success, given that I improvised it all when I went to the store.

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