Thursday, 10 April 2008

09.04.08: Madras Curry with fragrant rice

It seemed like a good idea at the time: She poached some skinless chicken breasts, stirred up the spiced rice from the pork vindaloo recipe and added coconut milk, then mixed in some madras luxury curry sauce. Leftover salad from last nite freshened up with more leaves, a pear and a sprinkling of Apetina.

SHE SAYS: Oy, such a pain that rice recipe is! I forgot that the liquid quantity is a laugh, and that when He last made this recipe He cooked the rice nice and tender in the rice cooker before adding it to the pan of onions and spices. About a quarter of my rice burned black in the pan and had to be scraped away, then it all took for-ev-ah to tenderise. As He noted, the coconut milk just blanded out the madras sauce and didn't get that rice cooked any faster, let me tell ya. It tasted okay and was perfectly wholesome, but all in all was quite the letdown.

HE SAYS: I enjoyed the velvety quality of the curry but it was a little bland due to the inclusion of coconut milk. It's so tempting to add at any chance and you would think that it would work, wouldn't cha? But no, not this time charlie. The fragrant rice was top notch and the chicken equally tasty and juicy. Salad was great with the red grapes and cheese, mmmm.

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Miss Information said...

maybe the main attraction was a disappointment, but take a minute to bask in the fact that you ALWAYS have a great salad every night!!! You never fail to inspire me with your inventive combinations. Grapes...I'm on it!