Sunday, 20 April 2008

20.04.08: Chorizo, bnz, and greens

She threw this together surprisingly quickly: an improvised recipe of borlotti bnz, some diced chorizo, celery, onions, garlic, callaloo, a splash of red wine, chicken stock, bay leaves, and pinches of sage, thyme and oregano made for a heavenly Sunday evening waft of savoury goodness. Simple boiled peas and chantenay carrots loved up with some marge and dried mint, plus Friday nite's salad refreshed with more cucumber, radishes and spinach filled out the plate.

HE SAYS: These beans were full of flavour; the red wine redux probably didn't hurt; and the chorizo never fails to deliver in the taste department. The callaloo tastes a little like spinach but has a more complex flava-flav, a nice addition to this bean stew. Couldn't find butter beans at the store so chose the creamy beans borlotti instead and they worked a treat.The carrots and peas added a traditional Sunday dinner quality to the proceedings and were also delish, end of.

SHE SAYS: This was soothing and herby and filling - not bad for a last-minute sweep of M&S and the corner store. I would def. have it again; it's not unlike this dish, but the red wine add-on added some depth, I think. The callaloo is v. spinachy, but more earthy in flavour. The peas and carrots made for easy eatin' in their own right; must remember not to underestimate the virtues of plain-cooked veg.

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