Monday, 21 April 2008

21.04.08: Chicken soup, part deux

Monday nite doesn't get much easier than this: Friday nite's plentiful chicken soup makes an encore appearance, supported by a basmati-wild rice mix and cucumber-beetroot-avo-crispy-leaf salad.

SHE SAYS: Mmm-mmm good! The rice had a particularly nutty flavour tonite, maybe b/c I didn't add any stock to the cooking water. The soup deepened its flavour and my appreciation for down-home cookin' once again. Salad did its usual freshening up number, though the plain vinegar beetroot was not nearly as poppin' as its glamourous cousin, the Sweetfire variety.

HE SAYS: More chicken soup for the bowl. As she said, the soup intensified while chillin' with its homies (Mr
Cucumber and Mrs Celery) in the fridge. The rice was awfully nice, and the beetroot was the star of the salad, despite not being as bling as Sweetfire, it packed a punch. Can I get a witness?

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