Sunday, 27 April 2008

26.04.08: Nando's takeaway

His 'n' Hers chicken dinners: He feasted on 1/2 a medium-spice chicken with grilled corn and chips, while she delved into a 1/4 medium-spice chicken with matching grilled corn. Aw!

HE SAYS: Chicken was tender, smoky and still hot when I got it to our plates. The corn was very sweet and makes me suspect they coat it with sugar. Ate too many chips that were just okay, not too greasy but overprocessed and a little tasteless. Overall not a bad solution for fast food.

SHE SAYS: Perfectly satisfying, with tender chicken spiced just right and full of that chargrilled flavour. The corn proved good, juicy filler, and overall I didn't have to feel as guilty or woozy as when I indulge in dat Popeye's famous fried chicken.

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