Tuesday, 29 April 2008

29.04.08: Lemon chicken

Such a tart: He ensured that the reliable lemon chicken graced our plates once more, and found a fitting partner in a leafy salad dotted with radish, little marinated olives, sundried tomatoes and Apetina.

SHE SAYS: Always yummy and kind to the tummy. Got to get the name of those li'l olives, they're mild but moreish.

HE SAYS: The further adventures of Lemony-Chicket. It's always a crowd pleaser around these parts and I was not disappointed by the continuation of this series of fortunate savoury sour-quenching dishes. The maris piper spuds replaced the charlotte variety used in recent versions and held up to their label of Britain's favourite all round 'tater plater. The salad was nice and tangy too, yippee!

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