Thursday, 1 May 2008

30.04.08: Quorn and veggie pasta

Care for a cutlet? She boiled up some (falsely advertised!!) spelt fusilli pasta, stirred up some onion, chestnut and portobello mushrooms, and aubergine, tossed in a bottle of Lloyd Grossman, and mixed it all up, then pan-fried the inimitable lemon-pepper quorn fillets and shaved over some parmesan. The Sweetfire beetroot, watercress, and Apetina salad was lookin' pretty, too.

HE SAYS: Cor, what a nice concoction she served up tonite. Been a missin' those quorn, chicken impostor cutlets, they be tastee. Lloyd, you now how to make some special sauce, not too sweet like those other supermarket posers. I had more then my fair share of the sweet, sweet fire beetroot salad, and let me tell was okay, was special. I luv me some of that ruby red magic root vegetable, bring it on and serve me some, mista.

SHE SAYS: I was horrified to discover, after I put the pasta on the boil, that it was only 30% spelt and the rest was wholewheat, despite being labelled boldly as 'spelt fusilli' only. So it was full of the strong gluten that makes me bloaty as a beachball, and that's exactly what it did. It tasted fine, and my dinner was overall ok - not remarkable, but nice enough. The salad was esp fiery...oo, am I mad!

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