Monday, 19 May 2008

17.05.08: Out to Strada

A pre-wedding family gathering landed us back at the blameless Strada: He plumped for the rigatoni with speck, gorgonzola, and rocket in a cream sauce, while She chose the salmon fillet wrapped in pancetta with braised lentils and green beans, all accompanied by a mustard sauce.

SHE SAYS: Overall this was a nice mix of flavours, and the mustard sauce was tangy without being too vinegary or overwhelming. Salmon was not amazing, and that one little strip of bacon was hardly 'wrapping' the fillet, but the lentils were perfectly cooked - not mushy, not too firm - as were the green beans. A fine way to line the stomach for the rest of the night's festivities.

HE SAYS: Been here numerous times over the years and this dish is the one that my eyes are drawn to nearly every time. It's a safe bet and although creamy it's also light so doesn't leave me with the rock in the stomach that cream pasta sauces usually leave me with. Nice food, good glass of wine and good company, what else could you ask for...somebody else picking up the cheque, maybe? Thanks, R+E.

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