Sunday, 11 May 2008

09.05.08: Quorn, veggie sauce, and halloumi salad

A quick fix: Quorn lemon-pepper escalopes with chestnut and portobello mushrooms, plus aubergine and a Lloyd Grossman roast garlic-basil sauce. Some panfried halloumi pepped up the salad and made it feel more like a Friday nite.

SHE SAYS: Good enough! I could eat Halloumi forever, it really is the bacon of cheese, as He said. And quorn patties are like the chicken nuggets you can have without feeling guilty.

HE SAYS: Veal Parmesan without the veal and Parmesan, yum. Sauce was tangy and the veggies hearty and flavorsome. Halloumi did not disappoint either, we both searched the salad bowl for the last pieces of squeaky goodness after second helpings and found only crumbs which we fought over vigorously.

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