Monday, 5 May 2008

03.05.08: Spinach omelet, facy veg and salad

Something hearty before the party: He perfected the spinach omelet with gruyere, mixed in some edamame with another pack of fancy veg (hey, it was 3 for 2, so watch this space!), and concocted a salad of avo, radish, grapes, more spinach, and some Castello blue cheese.

SHE SAYS: I'm totally jealous of His omelet technique, whatever it is, but I'm glad I get to eat the results. This was perfectly fluffy on the inside, toasty on the outside, and had just enough filling to make it mmm-worthy, but not soggy. The edamame came already blanched in a very affordable pack, and added just enough variety to the 2nd pack of fancy veg...we'll be seeing that li'l green bean again, in a different capacity. The salad had a creamy richness thanks to the joint efforts of the avo and blue cheese, which was gloriously brie-like, but disappointed slighty only because we were expecting the intense flavour we all know and love in a blue. We'd neglected to read the package's fine print of 'a subtle and incredibly creamy blue cheese with a well-balanced flavour'. Ah well, it was still a treat...

HE SAYS: An easy quick fix before a night out on the town, she describes it so eloquently, not much to add apart from it was brill!

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