Monday, 5 May 2008

04.05.08: A real palaver

A mix-up in plans left Us with two distinctly different dinners. We were both going to have burgers from FBC at a relative's house, but the never-so-hot FBC neglected to put her Greek Lamb burger on the order, which of course went undiscovered until we were all at the table. Oy.

So he had a deluxe original with hand-cut chips, while she nibbled some unremarkable 'chopped salad' with 'ranch' dressing 'til they could scoot home and She could boil up an egg, fix some toast, and have some real salad leftover from last nite and dressed up with few more spinach leaves and a dab or two more of the blue cheese.

HE SAYS: Burger was a tad disappointing, overdone and the bun was soggy, but I was frickin' starvin' Marvin. I ate it up quick-smart and then feasted on the chips which were better than Nando's offering from a week or two ago. Shame about the order screw-up, it's always fun to have dual reportage in the field.

SHE SAYS: They call that ranch? More like mayo with a touch of garlic. The so-called salad was mostly
radish and odiferous red onion (had to keep picking it out), with a few soggy rocket leaves for colour and an insulting pair of 'croutons'. My quick egg-on-toast was far better, and the salad held up quite well - I was glad to have it.

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