Friday, 30 May 2008

29.05.08: Train food

Rushing off to a scholarly event straight after work, She picked up a Crayfish and Rocket sandwish while He snagged a posh-bag New York Deli Pastrami, all courtesy of M&S.

HE SAYS: Just like Katz's Deli in New York, er, no, not exactly but still pretty tasty. I was starving so it was gone before I could take any mental notes apart from
the mustard being a little too sweet. I could've done with a kosher dill pickle to round it off and some celery soda to wash it down (or maybe not, it tastes like piss!).

SHE SAYS: Never lets me down: juicy crayfish, mature spicy rocket, and just enough mayo to help it slide down the chute. Served well to sustain me as we waited 45 minutes on the track and missed most of our event (pout pout) - but at least we weren't hungry!

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