Wednesday, 7 May 2008

07.05.08: Salmon cakes, fancy veg, and salad

Not your averge Wednesday nite: She tackled Nigel's salmon and dill fishcakes, stirred up the yoghurt-mustard-dill sauce just like he said, sauteed the fancy veg (plus guest star baby corn) in some wok oil, and sliced garlic-stuffed olives, sundried tomatoes and physalis for the salad.

SHE SAYS: I just had a feeling this weekend that Nige would show us the way out of rice-n-pulses repetition, which is why his firmly in-season inspirations are so prevalent lately. Even so, I figured I was taking a risk attempting something as traditionally fiddly as fishcakes midweek. But nooooooo! Not only did they bind properly, they browned perfectly and had an incredibly dilly-of-a-pickle zing to them. I have never, ever had such success with seafood cakes of any kind! (My modifications: 5 Tbsp dill, double the flour.) I kept inhaling the scent of the second one on my plate, b/c it was so fresh and toasty good! The good veg were made remarkable with the unusually sweet baby corn, and the salad reinforced all the savoury goodness of the plate.

HE SAYS: Fishcakes done right. No potatoe-y stodge here, thank you, these specimens were the business. I would of paid top dollah for these babies, yes. Light, crispy on the outside and deliciously moist inside, I luv them long time. The special yogurt sauce that acompanied them was very moreish with heaps of dill keeping it nice and fresh. A perfect mayonnaise replacement for you to cherish. I will have to spread some leftovers on some bread before it's too late. Salad tried its best to impress and with the sweet, tart and tasty
physalis, it succeeded, sorry I doubted you, really I am.

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