Tuesday, 20 May 2008

20.05.08: Black bnz and salad greenz

Lovely legumes: She stirred up a batch of the newstyle black bnz and threw together a salad of faux-feta Apetina cheese, sundried tomatoes, and the new Peppery Mustard salad from Tesco.

SHE SAYS: Good balance of salty, herby, and hot-spiced, in creamy spoonfuls - it all = mmm. Quite impressed with the new salad leaves, it's not just the same old stuff repackaged, as I feared it might be; the mustard leaves (mixed with spinach and baby red oak) did have a distinctive bitter taste offset by a soft texture.

HE SAYS: Luv me some of dem beans. I do enjoy this way of doing the black beans over the old, much more subtly flavoursome, I had seconds naturally. The salad, with tonight's featured special guests was also dynamite!

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Jackie said...

Sounds good - and healthy! :)