Friday, 30 May 2008

30.05.08: Magic lentils and sprouty salad

After a noticeable absence, She gently coaxed the magic curried coconut dal back to the table, this time with a touch of leftover fresh dill as well as the usual spinach, fresh coriander, and brown-basmati-and-wild rice mix. Similarly typical bowl of beetroot and mixed leaved made way for a new salad sensation in the form of mung bean sprouts.

SHE SAYS: Good balance of curry powder to other flavours - sometimes it can get too strong. I thought I added a whole heckuva lot of ginger, but it didn't stand out. Dill proved a nice, quietly bitter herby counterpoint to the bright coriander. Rice mellowed with coconut milk hit the spot, and the crispy yet juicy sprouts will surely feature again.

HE SAYS: Our wholesome take on the Friday night curry benefited from the inclusion of the dill but needed a shake or two of salt to bring it up to the yum factor we luv. I also splashed on some Crystal, which was more an indulgence then a necessity. Mung bean sprouts paired with the beetroot did their part to liven up the salad portion of the show.

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