Thursday, 22 May 2008

21.05.08: Out to The White Horse Pub

He joined Her at the pub post-knitting for a slap-up meal of mussels steamed in a wine, cream and shallot sauce, exorbitantly priced bread, and a small chicken caesar salad topped with a few crispy pancetta slices.

SHE SAYS: Wow, all those little buttons o' seafood add up to one very full tummy. I could get the starter size some other time, if we're having bread, too. (£3 for bread - wotta ripoff! but it was needed for optimal sauce conveyance.) The mussels were tender, salty and not dried out - must've been steamed fairly fresh. Cream sauce (more like broth) was subtle and rich. Salad was fine, but the chicken strips were quite dry. Best bit were the basil-infused croutons.

HE SAYS: Was nice to play mid-week hooky from the washing-up with the missus at a terrific pub not too far from home. The mussels were well prepared and the broth was creamy, salty and generally what you'd expect but sometimes don't get. The salad was quite decadent, reminded me of a loaded baked potato without the potato; also was a tad salty, but not in a good way. Overall a thumbs-up for this gastro boozer, would go again - they had a nice selection of beers, to boot.

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