Monday, 5 May 2008

01.05.08: Butterbnz with chorizo, whole carrots and salad

Good cookin' and good lookin: She used up the other half of the chorizo in a simple butterbean stew pimped up with some white wine and rocket, spooned over some leftover brown basmati, wild and red camargue rice. Whole organic boiled carrots and a salad of Apetina, physalis, radish, and various leaves.

SHE SAYS: The bnz were made quite the treat with that smokey intense chorizo, though even without they would have made more than passable filler. Carrots were ok, but not nearly as tasty as the Chantenay variety, though I still found myself reaching over for one more skinny stalk...and the salad was typically praiseworthy, with equal elements of tangy, soft, salty and crunch.

HE SAYS: I like me some butter beans, they are nice and soft and potatoesque in texture, one thinks. Chorizo was a tasty treat, fried to a crisp, bacon-styley and crumbled into the stew a lá posh baco bits, yumm. I though the carrots had quite an intense carrot-y taste which you sometimes lack in the larger varieties, the taste mimicked the smell of 'em, if that makes any sense. Salad with the newly discovered Apetina tickled the tastebuds once again.

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