Thursday, 22 May 2008

22.05.08: Green red prawn and mango curry and salad

You read it right: She was all set to cook up that classic of a weekday curry to serve over brown basmati and wild rice, when she found the cupboard was bare of red curry paste. Luckily, the green variety was chillin' in back of the fridge. More fridge raiding produced a salad of nice soft leaves of several varieties, the rest of the bunched radishes, some mini-plum tomatoes and some Apetina cheese.

HE SAYS: This dish had a hotter spice kick then usual but was welcomed by my tastebuds and tummy; I had seconds,naturally. I luv this dish more every time we eat it, and the salad was on form with the inclusion of the spicy radishes, which had an earthy, peppery flava flav.

SHE SAYS: I think perhaps the only difference between green and red curry paste is the colour of the peppers, but maybe the green one is slightly more astringent. It's probably my imagination, so I'll compare when we get another tub of the red kind. Posh, pricey mango pieces picked up last-minute from Waitrose were admittedly far superior to the tough little nuggets we've been getting from Tesco lately. In Tesco's favour, the new salad varieties are distinctively fresh and pleasing in texture. The Apetina was as decadently salty a touch as ever.

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