Monday, 5 May 2008

05.05.08: Chickpeas with harissa and basil, plus halloumi salad

Turning to Nigel for a summery touch, we find something to soak up Her ho-made harissa: a hearty mixture of roast tomatoes and aubergine with chickpeas topped by decadent flags of prosciutto quickly crisped in the roasting pan's savoury residue. On a similar theme, she also toasted up half a block of halloumi for a salady treat.

I suspect this one will be a regular. The aubergine was meaty and cumin-infused after its hour of roasting, and the whole shebang made for splendid good eatin'. Tiny tip: I boiled the chickpeas for a while instead of simply adding them after draining and rinsing - makes them a little more velvety, and takes the tinny edge off. Really, this dish doesn't even need the prosciutto on top - just gilding the lily. The halloumi was terribly spesh with its salty goodness, as always, but I think we agree that the Tesco's Finest brand wasn't noticeably better than the bog standard one we normally toss in the basket. If anything, it was a tad bit more subtle - and you may have noticed that subtle is not our bag.

HE SAYS: Mmm, very Morrocan-infused dinner tonite, what with the North African flavoured chickpeas and the delectable squeaky halloumi (the bacon of cheese) with added mint in the salad. All very light and tasty. Let's do it again, soon.

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