Monday, 5 May 2008

02.05.08: Grilled salmon, fancy veg, and caprese salad

She knows how to move it on a Friday nite: Salmon loin dusted with a southwestern spice mix and grilled with olive oil; one pack fresh fancy veg, stir-fried with wok oil (purple sprouting brocca, sticks of carrot and butternut squash, and snap peas); and a layered salad of Garofalo buffalo mozzarella, basil leaves, and some properly ripe red tomatoes,

HE SAYS: I thought the salmon was grilled to perfection, on the verge of burnt but very tender in the middle. I haven't tired of and still enjoy the spice rub it's coated with, and with a squeeze of lemon I was in 'eaven. The veggy medley made a first-class support act, al denté not
Al Bundy.

SHE SAYS: The salmon tasted lots better than it looks - it came close to being blackened, but just escaped such an indignity. The veg were just fine, ma'm; the little juliennes of squash were particularly sweet and had a pleasing potatoey texture. I was really looking forward to the salad, craving that near-bitter bite of basil with the creamy mozzarella and plump, juicy tomatoes, and was not disappointed - only, I could have easily saved £1 and a bit instead of buying the fancy cheese, because the good ol' Lucia brand would've been just as good for flavour. In fact, I think I like its strandy texture even better, if ya know what I mean.

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