Saturday, 17 May 2008

05.15.08: Chickpeas with sherry and salad

A little bit of easy after a tough day: Nigella's chickpeas with sherry and a salad of leftover bottled peppers and some tomatoes added to the remains of last nite's salad.

SHE SAYS: Perfectly fine, though the chickpeas were a little dry (there's a thin line between 'dry' and 'velvety'). Salad had a slight, welcome vinegary tang from the peppers.

HE SAYS: Increased the egg portion of the show by half (1.5 eggs each, extra half missing from pic), and although a little hard boiled, they increased the yum factor significantly. Bought the non- organic chickpeas this time and although larger they lacked intensity. Peppers in the salad acted the part of the sun dried tomatoes with panache.

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