Sunday, 25 May 2008

25.05.08: Saag paneer, naan, and salad

Trying for authenticity this time: She made Her own v. simple paneer from a J Oliver recipe she came upon by chance and gave this recipe another go, heated up some supermarket naan, and threw together a salad with some leftover ingredients from Friday nite plus new leaves and some avo.

SHE SAYS: Shame the paneer went so crumbly - it was more like ricotta or cottage cheese - but I've seen it that way in some restaurants, too. Still v. tasty, with good depth of spice, but without quite the same salty kick halloumi gave it first time around. Naan was perfectly ok, and the salad did it's fill 'er up routine with flair.

This Indian spinachy treat was delish. The rice cooker enjoyed the night off as I forgot to pick up some rice at the store, but it worked out well since we had some extra naan bread still left in the fridge. Even though it's consistency was more like cottage cheese than firm cubes, the ho-made paneer She made was very yummy and authentic-tasting. The salad was invigorated and brought back to life from Friday, and performed well with the Sweetfire beetroot again taking centre stage.

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