Tuesday, 27 May 2008

27.05.08: Black bnz and mango mozzarella salad

Mr Bean strikes again: She prepared the newfangled black bnz with typical avocado topping and a salad of peppery young mustard leaves, mango, and mozzarella.

HE SAYS: After quite an indulgent weekend food-wise it's nice to come home to a family staple, not quite bangers n' mash, but just as satisfying, methinks. This week's version was nice and spicy and herby too, what's not to like? Salad aided and abetted the main act's taste quotient with the mango and mozz steppin' up to the plate with taste.

SHE SAYS: Reliable, satisfying, and not too demanding to make - you gotta love it. Think I tossed in a little to much thyme or sumpin', was a little overwhelming, but still tasty, with just enough kick from the chipotle paste. Waitrose has been letting me down with their ripe 'n' ready avos lately - normally they're the very best, creamy, egg-yolky, and deep yellow; suddenly they're pale-lemon and less flavourful, with bruises. Mango right off the seed was peachy-coconutty, just like it should be.

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